The Ultimate Online Research Tool to Analyze Breaking News and the Latest News

Use the GTRP to save time while conducting Detailed Research for your next school Research Project, Business Presentation, or for your own Personal Research into Current Events and News Headline Analysis.

If you are a Business Professional, conducting Online Research for your next Presentation - The GTRP is a Business Intelligence Tool which will save you and your Team valued time and money.

If you are a News Hound, Investigative Journalist / Reporter, Own a VLog on Youtube or Blog / Blogspot Owner who must keep up with the Breaking News, Latest News, Daily News, Politics, and World Affairs - the GTRP will save you valued time and draw out Relationships and Connections behind the News Headlines.

The GTRP is a powerful tool and equally of use to The College Student attending University earning a Doctorate, Masters Degree, or Bachelors Degree, or a High School Student all the way down to Elementary School - Whether conducting detailed research and analysis in preparation to prove out the next Doctoral Thesis or dissertation or Research Paper or preparing for a Research Paper into Current Events for an AP Class, or Simply gathering all the information needed to complete the upcoming Fifth Grade State Project, Science Fair, or Social Studies / Social Science Projects - The GTRP Is a Cost Effective Tool designed to facilitate Speed and Effectiveness.

Go past the Traditional Research Methods and Methodology and start using the GTRP Today - The GTRP brings Big Data, Data Science, and Big Data Analytical Tools & makes them Understandable and Affordable for Everyone!

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